Ego Sudo Nos Erant Infinitus

He will provide. God will fulfill His promises.

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“There are ways of dying that don’t end in funerals.”

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I walk alone on an empty street , on the boulevard of broken dreams .

There’s no such thing as …

I wonder if people ever find true love . I wonder if those fairy tale ending happen in real life . Seems like they don’t . I wonder alot of things about love . I think about it all the time . I wish love wasn’t this complicated . I wish there was some system where we could find the person we were meant to be together with and live “happily ever after” with them . I wish we didn’t have to go through the heartbreaks and the disappointments. I wish alot of things but I know they things will never be true . Life doesn’t just hand out favors like that . It deals cards with no remorse and no discrimination and your force to play with the cards you are dealt . How unfortunate that is . You spend your whole life searching for something that never comes , something , maybe someone that you know is out there for you . Sometimes I daydream about the day someone loves me the way that I love them . No matter how hard I search , I just can’t find it . I’m always giving 100% and getting back half of what I give . Or maybe that’s not even the case . Maybe I’m not giving 100%, maybe I’m not even giving half. Maybe I’m so broken and so fucked up that I think that I’m doing all I can to fill this empty hole, but in reality I’m doing nothing . Maybe I don’t want to be loved or to love someone else. Maybe I’m not good enough for anyone. I know one thing is true though, you can’t love someone until you love yourself. And you can’t move on until you forgive your past . John Green was right when he said the only way out of the labyrinth of suffering is to forgive. But how can you forgive if you’re still hurt? How can you move on ? How can you love again after giving your love away one too many times to the people that didn’t deserve it. How do you do it? If any of you find the answer to this let me know because I seem to get nowhere . I feel so empty writing this . I don’t think this feeling will ever go away , so what do I do now ? I don’t think this hole can be filled . Maybe I’ll just live like this . After all you can choose your destined path in life , only influence it … .

“I said “I wish you could see the ocean”
He said “I wish you could see hope”
I said “have you ever seen the mountain?”
He said “no, but my faith can move those”
I said “I wish you could see the stars”
He told me “I should see love””

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